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A new Canadian-themed bakery has launched in Manitoba, where it hopes to draw in tourists and residents alike.

Martha’s Baking Company is hoping to draw visitors to its Winnipeg location, which is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg.

The company says it will be open six days a week and offers baked goods, breads, pastries, pastas and sandwiches.

It’s a move that’s likely to appeal to families and young professionals, who are often out of town.

The Winnipeg location is the first in the province, and it’s one of a number of Canadian bakeries opening in the capital.

Martha’s Bakers’ menu will be focused on “traditional baked goods,” including biscuits, biscuits, pasties, cakes and cookies.

“Our main focus is to offer a menu of quality baked goods and we believe that people will be attracted to our menu because of our commitment to serving quality food and a healthy lifestyle,” said Jennifer Purdy, president and CEO of Martha’s.

Her business was founded in 2003 and the company has since expanded to three locations in the Lower Mainland, where the current store is located.

Purdy says the idea of creating a family-friendly bakery has been in the back of her mind for a while.

She says there’s something for everyone, and she believes there are a lot of different people in Winnipeg who are going to enjoy her company’s offerings.

On her Facebook page, she says the company will offer its customers a variety of choices, including pastries and sandwiches, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

While the idea is to cater to a wide variety of people, Purdy says she also hopes to appeal more to those with young children.

Winnipeg’s business scene is still relatively young.

A new generation of young people are heading into the workforce.

Purdy is hoping her company can help draw more customers and make it easier for people to get around.

With files from The Canadian Press


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