Which bakery in Orlando is best for vegans?

Which bakery in Orlando is best for vegans?

We’ve already shared some vegan food from restaurants in Orlando, but now we have a few more options for the rest of the country.

Porto’s Bakery is a popular bakery in the city of Orlando and has been offering vegan desserts for over a decade.

It has one of the most diverse menus on the site, including vegan treats such as coconut milk chocolate, chocolate fluff cake, and sweet potato pie.

It also sells gluten-free and dairy-free options, and it’s also one of several bakeries that sells vegan chocolate, including Choco Bakers in Coconut Grove and La Boulangerie in North Hollywood.

There are plenty of other options in Orlando if you’re looking for a vegan dessert, such as Coconut Bliss, and the vegan pastry chef will make vegan ice cream at your request.

Check out our top picks for vegan desserts in Orlando for more tips and inspiration.

What are the best vegan bakeries in Orlando?


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