How to Get a New Home for Your Home in Rustic Baking Style

How to Get a New Home for Your Home in Rustic Baking Style

I just finished up an epic, full-length book about the art of home decorating.

If you’ve been a reader of the blog or are a regular reader of The Home Economist for years, you know that I love decorating and I’m constantly experimenting with new and creative ways to decorate our homes.

One of the most exciting new things I’ve seen lately is a growing interest in rustic baking style. 

When I started working on this book, I had absolutely no idea how to decorating a home.

I knew the home decor theme, but I never had any experience with it.

So, after spending hours researching, researching, and researching, I came up with this plan. 

Here are some tips I’ve found helpful to help you get started with rustic style decorating: This article is sponsored by HomeEconomist.

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