When it comes to food, the Goldilocks are a popular bakery, says a Brisbane mum

When it comes to food, the Goldilocks are a popular bakery, says a Brisbane mum

A mum who owns a Brisbane bakery says her Goldilinks bakery has become an unlikely hub for the local community.

Key points:A family run bakery is a popular part of Brisbane’s community food sceneThe family owns it and says they have a positive impact on the areaThe Goldilks family is also a major tourist attraction and the community food marketA new generation of locals is making the family’s shop their homeThe family has run their bakery for 16 years and says their customers have come to know them as an exceptional family and family-run business.

The family run business, which has been operating since 2015, is the largest family owned business in Queensland.

“We’ve been a family business for 16 or 17 years, and we’re really pleased to have this opportunity,” Ms Gaille Fyfe said.

“I think we’ve had a positive influence on the Goldilsons and our community.”

Ms Fyf said she hoped to open her new business within a couple of months.

“They want us to grow and take it to the next level, and I want to be a leader in that direction,” she said.

A new food trendThe family ran the business for two years, before expanding into an operation that had been in operation for 10 years before being bought out by a major chain.

The store now serves as a hub for a thriving food market that also includes several other food stalls, cafes and bakeries.

“It’s like a mini town centre,” Ms Fyff said.

The Goldilsins opened their first shop in 2014.

“That’s when we started selling locally grown produce, as well as a variety of products that were available in the supermarket,” Ms Mollie said.

She said the business has grown from about 40 to nearly 100 staff members over the past two years.

“There’s definitely been a lot of growth, but we’re still small,” she explained.

“The family really has done a great job, and their customers really like it.”

Ms Mollies family also owns two other family owned bakeries in the Brisbane CBD, the Pigeon Hill bakery and the Piedmont Bakery.

“When we started the Pippen Brothers Bakery, they were the first family-owned bakery in Queensland,” Ms Rana said.

Her mother said the family also owned two bakeries on the south coast, which she said were both successful.

“But the Pippi Brothers are really popular,” she noted.

“And we’re definitely growing.”

The family is now looking to open a new bakery, but Ms Mellies family has already started thinking about what their next venture could be.

“For now, we’re looking at the Goldiltons as a destination, but I think we’d like to grow to more than just that,” she concluded.

“Maybe a different business, or we could open a business and expand into a bigger space.”



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