A Korean bakery owner in China dies after he was attacked by his wife

A Korean baker who lived in China’s Guangdong province was attacked and killed by his estranged wife, who was allegedly drunk, the wife’s lawyer said on Tuesday.

The attack on Wu Guizhou was carried out by her husband, surnamed Zhang, who is said to be a retired police officer, according to Li Yulin, a lawyer for Wu.

The incident happened in November.

The husband was stabbed in the stomach and died at a hospital, the lawyer said.

Zhang was arrested in August and charged with murder.

In court, Zhang told the court he had been suffering from “stress and depression” for the past two years and had been drinking heavily since his wife moved to Guangdowans capital Guangzhou.

“I was angry, and I felt guilty for being angry,” Zhang told reporters.

“It was all due to my wife’s drinking, so I took her out to drink and drink.

The whole thing was done out of anger.”

Zhang was also accused of killing his brother-in-law, who died after falling ill at a hotel in November last year.

“She started drinking after a few days,” Li said.

“We found out later that she was suffering from stress, depression and other things, and she took her own life.”

In November, a Chinese court found Zhang guilty of murdering his brother, and sentenced him to death.

The court also ordered the wife to pay compensation to the family of the deceased.

“This is a tragedy for us, but it is also a great opportunity for the victims’ families to seek justice,” Li told the Xinhua news agency.

In 2013, Zhang’s former wife fled China and returned to Hong Kong, where she was eventually convicted of murder.

She was sentenced to death in October, but a Chinese appeals court reversed the conviction and ordered a retrial, saying she had already served her sentence.

China has a history of social and political unrest, which has left more than 100,000 people dead since 1989.


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