Why we love chocolate cake

Why we love chocolate cake

We love chocolate cakes and this one has a delicious, fresh flavor.

It’s a favorite at our family gatherings and even a treat for the holidays.

The cake comes in a white box with a blue and white frosting.

It is made by Champagne Bakery in Chicago, Illinois.

You will need a 9-inch by 4-inch cake pan, a cake stand and a baking sheet.

You can use regular or double-sided cake pans, but double-stacked pans are the way to go.

You need two layers of cake.

One layer is made from sugar and flour, while the other layer is from milk and egg whites.

The sugar and egg white layers are blended in the bottom of the pan.

The milk is used to make the cream, while eggs are used to cream the cake.

The cream and the sugar are combined in the pan and then poured into the pan in the second layer.

The top layer is then made of flour and egg yolks.

This layer is used for the icing.

It also helps to prevent the cake from sticking to the cake stand.

The white cake comes with a chocolate buttercream icing.

The buttercream frosting is optional.

You may add more or less sugar to your cake, depending on how you like your cake.

It tastes great with a coffee or tea.

It makes a great holiday dessert, too.

The recipe for this chocolate cake can be found on The Champagne Baker website.

You are also invited to check out this cake recipe that we posted on March 20, 2018.


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