When you want a little slice of history, a slice of life

When you want a little slice of history, a slice of life

The first-ever Grandma’s Bakery opened its doors in Buenos Aires in 1955.

A century later, the bakery remains a staple of the city’s downtown, with its traditional breads and pastries.

But when the city decided to take a page out of Grandma Tung’s book, it decided to open a bakery at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Santa Maria de la Plata.

It wasn’t until recently that the new shop would open.

The concept is the same as the old one: a full-service bakery, a bakery with a side of food.

The new shop is in the heart of the old city.

Grandma Bakery is a place where people can come and feel their Grandmothers presence.

But unlike the Grandma bakery that used to serve the entire Argentine population, Grandma has only one full-time employee.

There’s a big emphasis on making sure that the atmosphere of the shop is respectful.

The owner, Raul Bocanera, says that he doesn’t want to “break the family” and that he’s trying to do something different.

Bocánera started his own business in the United States and in Argentina, but it didn’t take off.

The family decided that he needed to open his own shop.

He hired an Italian baker, Luigi, to build the new bakery.

Boca is a good baker.

He uses different techniques to create the cakes.

I want people to feel their grandmothers presence in the bakery, Bocannar says.

I think the atmosphere will be a lot different, but I can’t say I’m ready to open yet.

And that’s why I have to wait until tomorrow to make sure the atmosphere is respectful, Boca says.

Bona mia, La Cosa Nostra, la salud, la siesta, la grande. Bonsa mia.


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