What’s new at Regent bakery?

What’s new at Regent bakery?

Posted November 02, 2018 17:20:49 The Regent is getting a new cafe, with new seating, new decor and a brand new menu.

The cafe is set to open to the public on November 13, 2018.

Regent’s former location on Brunswick Road, where it has been a family run bakery since its inception in 1876, is set for a major transformation.

It will reopen to the general public in early November.

Regents chief executive John Devereux said the cafe would be a “fresh, modern and inviting” place.

“It will be a bakery that will appeal to both the community and the business community,” he said.

“Our customers have been very supportive, they’re excited and they’re looking forward to coming in for the first time.”

The cafe will be located on Brunswick Street between Brunswick and King Streets, between Brunswick Road and Brunswick Highway.

Regency restaurant Regent has been serving its customers since it opened its doors in 1877.

It is also known for its heritage food and unique coffee drinks.

It started out as a family business and is now part of the local community.

Regencies former location is set up to become a family-run bakery.

It opened its door in August 2017.

It currently serves breakfast and lunch daily, including a new breakfast menu on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The new cafe will open to customers at 11am.

Customers can expect to find a variety of products, including fresh baked bread, pastries and pastries, cakes and pastas.

Customers will also be able to purchase their own cakes, pastas and pastry mixes from a range of suppliers.

The Regents website says it offers an array of pastries including: pastries with coconut and vanilla filling, pasties with vanilla filling and chocolate cake, pastives with almond and hazelnut filling, cakes with coconut filling and pastives.

A range of desserts will also include a range to be served on special occasions.

Regret will be offering a range in a variety form of cakes, cakes filled with custard, cakes stuffed with whipped cream and cake with strawberry filling.

Customers are also invited to try Regents coffee at the new cafe.

The coffee will be made by the new Regent Cafe.

The Cafe will have a range that will be unique to the cafe.

For instance, there will be one cup of espresso coffee in the cafe and two cup coffees made from roasted beans, including the espresso and espresso latte.

Customers should be aware that the coffee and the coffees will be freshly roasted, according to Regent.

Regen has an open kitchen, with an area for the barista and two tables for the staff.

The menu is also changing.

The regents current menu includes the following items: Breakfast items include: toast, coffee, chocolate cake and breakfast cake, breakfast sandwiches, coffee creme, omelet, croissant and pancakes.

Lunch items include : croissants, toast, breakfast and coffee cake, croque monsieur, bacon, fish sandwich, turkey sandwich, steak, sausage, chicken sandwich, veal sandwich, tuna sandwich, chicken pot pie, oxtail soup and veggie burger.

Dinner items include chicken potpie, salmon, salmon potpie and chicken pot pies.

There are also breakfast burritos and chicken fritters, a burger, a turkey burger, oompa loompas, bacon and fried chicken, a chicken curry, chicken soup, chicken curry soup, turkey soup soup with tomatoes and vegetables, a potato dish and a salad with tomatoes, potatoes and greens.

There will also also be a range for the coffee.

It includes: coffee, espresso, latte, coffee cake and coffee crema.

The espresso latts are made by Regent, and the espresso will be available at the cafe as well.

The barista will also work in the coffee bar, where he will be able serve customers.

There is a coffee shop in the Regent Bakery.

The shop is set-up to be open to all customers.

Regt has been in the community for over 50 years, having opened on Brunswick St in 1879.

The location is now a community business, with members of the community coming in and out.

The community also holds a variety functions every month, including one at the Regents new location.

It also has an outdoor cafe that is a great place to watch the sun rise from the horizon.

The main menu includes: toast and coffee, breakfast, crostini, oatmeal, croquette, eggs, sausage and breakfast sausage.

It offers a range from coffee, coffee-flavoured pancakes, oat and coffee pancakes, coffee pancakes and oatmeal pancakes, eggs and oat pancakes, crocheted pancakes, pastes and pasties, a coffee cake with coffee, and a coffee muffin.

The bakery is also offering a bakery shop for


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