The perfect chocolate cake with vegan ingredients: The best chocolate cake recipe

The perfect chocolate cake with vegan ingredients: The best chocolate cake recipe

The cake that Andersen Bakery creates at home is vegan and gluten-free.

In this vegan and grain-free version, the crust is filled with vegan pecans and almond butter, and the icing is made from coconut oil and sugar.

Andersen Bak, a vegan bakery, is known for their “artisan chocolate cakes” and “cinnamon roll cakes,” but their cake with cashew and coconut icing is something entirely new.

“We wanted to be the first vegan bakery that offers the chocolate cake of the year,” Andersen Bak CEO and founder Kristine Andersen told Mashable.

“The only thing we had to do was to create a cake that tasted like it was made by a vegan.”

The cake, which is available in three flavors, is available as a standard cake, or can be made vegan with a gluten-less version.

Andersen Baker also sells a gluten free version of the cake with a coconut cake crust and a vegan frosting.

“There is no substitute for fresh, whole ingredients in cakes,” Andersen Baker said in a press release.

“This cake was made with all natural ingredients to ensure that it would taste just like a real cake.”

This vegan cake with coconut cake frosting makes a good gluten- and vegan-free cake.

Andersen bakerie has created a gluten and vegan gluten- free chocolate cake.

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