The French bakery that’s being turned into a giant cookie factory

The French bakery that’s being turned into a giant cookie factory

A bakery in Paris that’s been a fixture in the French capital for nearly a century is being turned over to a new owner who plans to turn it into a cookie factory.

The French bakery, known as “Château de la Céleste,” is being acquired by the German company Avisa Group, which plans to start making cookies at its new factory in the new year.

The bakery, which is located in the Paris neighborhood of Montaigne, is a landmark for French pastry chefs and is considered one of the best in the world, according to the French bakery association.

It also serves a special treat for visitors, including French toast, and is often visited by politicians, politicians’ wives and others who want to experience the taste of Paris.

The association said that the company is planning to add a cookie making operation to the bakery, adding that it has not yet been confirmed if the bakery will be rebranded.

The news comes as a coalition of French bakeries, including one that was founded by French King Louis XVI in 1796, is preparing to sell its shares, and many of the bakeries have already started planning to sell their shares in a bid to boost their profitability.

The sale of the bakery is one of a number of events taking place in Paris, including the annual World Fair and the launch of the French National Museum.


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