The first Canadian bakery to sell all-day-old food is opening in Toronto

The first Canadian bakery to sell all-day-old food is opening in Toronto

By Andrew GannonToronto (AFP) – The first Australian bakery to deliver fresh baked bread, butter, milk and other ingredients from its premises in Toronto has opened its doors to the public.

Dana’s Bakery in Toronto opened in July to the delight of its customers and is now the first Canadian business to offer all-Day-old bread, milk, butter and eggs.

“We are so happy that we have opened up to our community.

I am so happy to be opening a business here in Canada,” said Dana’s founder, Kristina Smith.

The small business is run by Smith, an immigrant from Australia who has been working as a bakery owner for the past five years.

She started selling all-Dana food in October 2017, a year after opening Dana’s in Toronto.

“People came in and said ‘hey I have a problem, how can I get the milk and butter, I can’t find any of this in Australia’,” she told AFP.

“So we decided to do this because we wanted to bring our Australian heritage to Canada.”

The bakery sells its food in one of Canada’s biggest markets and has now grown to have four locations, with Smith opening another in the Greater Toronto Area.

Smith said that in the coming months, she hopes to expand her business into the rest of the country, which she hopes will attract more business to the area.

“This is going to be a big market, a big destination,” she said.

“It’s just a fantastic opportunity for people to come here, be part of a vibrant food scene and bring their friends and family over here and be part, as well, of our community.”

The first Canadian baker to offer fresh baked food to the whole community, the Sydney-based Dana’s has been selling all Dana’s food for three years, with the first delivery in July.

“I’ve been working with a lot of people and really really wanting to try and expand,” she told the ABC.

“The community really wants to know about us and what we do and we have people coming in, they’re coming in for breakfast and lunch, they are coming in just to see us, they know who we are and they know we have a bakery and they’re happy to come in.”

The NSW-based bakery was founded by Smith and her husband Dave Smith.

Danna Smith said Dana has already received requests from around the world for their products.

“In Australia they just don’t want to eat all of the dairy products, they want to just eat the whole dairy,” she explained.

“But in the US, where the US market is quite saturated, it’s just amazing.

People are coming to us, and they say, ‘oh, it is a great experience here and I love this’.””

In Sydney, it takes us a couple of months to get all the milk from Australia and then we have to wait until the next day to get the butter and the milk.””

It is a real labour of love.”


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