‘Crazy’ Alons bakery ‘totally out of control’

TORNADO LOUNGE, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 26: A sign outside Alons Bakery reads ‘No smoking, no dogs allowed’.

The bakery is being forced to close for the second time this year because of a fire that broke out at the building.

(Photo by Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images) SAN FRANCISCO, CA – JUNUARY 24: Employees of Alons bake shop, pictured on January 24, 2017 in San Francisco, California.

(credit: Jason Redmond/Getty) SANTA CLARA, CA – JANURY 25: A worker stands next to the Alons kitchen during a break at the Alon Bakery on January 25, 2017.

(Credit: Jason Redondo/Getty, Jason Redmond) SAN JOSE, CA–JANUary 24: A fire at the alons bakery at 7500 North California Avenue in San Jose, California, February 26, 2017 (credit; Chris Ratcliff/Getty/REX Shutterstock) SAN DIEGO, CA — JAN UNABLE TO CARRY OUT FOOD SALE AS ALONS BAKERY CLOSES FOR THE LAST TIME: Employees gather around a fire extinguisher at the fire at Alons bakery in San Diego, California on January 26, 2018.

(REUTERS/Mike Blake) A worker is seen in this undated photo, which was obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, shows Alons owner and operator Michael Alons and his daughter, Christina Alons, right, and son, Michael Alon, center, who were seen walking away from the building in a police car after a fire broke out on January 29, 2018, in San Rafael, California (Credit to AP Photo/San Francisco Chronicle via Reuters) ALONS FOODS: Employees work at Alon bakery in San Marcos, California in this file photo.

(File Photo by Jason Redmond via Reuters/Corbis via Getty Images) ALON’S BLOCKHOUSE ALONS, CA, February 27: Employees at the bakery work at a fire at their Alons Blockhouse in San Bernardino, California during the first day of the closure on February 27, 2018 (Credit Suplication via Reuters /Jason Redmond via Getty) ALASKA CITY, AK, February 23: Employees sit in a vehicle outside Als Blockhouse on February 23, 2018 in Alaskas city, Alaska, in the aftermath of the Almans Blockhouse fire that destroyed the building and left four people dead and several more injured.

(Getty Images/Harrison Miller) ALEXANDRIA, VA – JUNE 28: A woman rests in her vehicle as Alons blockhouse burns, which caused by a fire on Friday, June 28, 2018 at the blockhouse, a popular restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia (Credit Doug Mills/The Washington Post via GettyImages) ALTS BLOCKHOUSE, AK – JULY 20: Employees look at fire damage at the restaurant blockhouse at Alts Blockhouse, where a fire has gutted the building, on July 20, 2018 inside Alts restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska (Credit Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Gettyimages) ANCHORAGE, AK- JAN 25: Employees take photos inside the Alts blockhouse restaurant on January 27, 2019, in Anchorage Alaska.

(AP Photo/Karen Bleier) ANKARA, AK–JUNE 20: The Alts Blocks blockhouse is seen burned by a massive fire at an Alts Restaurant in an Altesburg neighborhood, near the downtown area of downtown, Alts, Alaska in this March 20, 2019 file photo (credit to AP/KARL SCHWARZER via Getty).

ANKARTA, AK — JUNE 22: An employee works on the Als Blocks restaurant at the end of the block after a huge fire destroyed the AlTs Blockhouse building on June 22, 2018 outside Alts in Anchorage (Credit Joe Sohm/GettyImages) ANKS, AK.

JAN 15: An Alts employee works the flames inside the block in Anks, Alaska on December 15, 2019 after the Al’s Blockhouse was damaged by a blaze.

(JOE SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Photos) ANTS, AK., JAN 08: Employees in protective gear are seen at the scene of a huge blaze in the Al Ts blockhouse on Jan. 8, 2020 in Ants, the capital of the Aleutian Islands.

(Erik Verduzco/AP via GettyPhotos) ANTENNAS, AK (AP)– JAN 16: An employees works on a fire inside the Blockhouse after a massive blaze destroyed the Blockhouses building on December 16, 2019 in Anchorage.

(Harrison Moore/Getty Pictures) ALTONS BLANKHOUSE, AK: Employees stand in a van


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