When the cat is out of the bag: the new Coco’s bakery in California

When the cat is out of the bag: the new Coco’s bakery in California

I had no idea that I was going to be on a flight from Miami to Miami to LA for the weekend.

My mind was racing and my heart pounding in my chest as I got into the aircraft.

When I landed at LAX, I was greeted by the airport staff with a smile.

My luggage was unloaded into the luggage carousel and my flight was off.

I was so excited to finally be home and home alone.

As I was getting out of that car, I could see the excitement on their faces as they made me an offer. 

I said “yes, thank you.”

My mind started to wander.

I had a new challenge.

I knew that I had to prepare something that was super delicious and super delicious with a great flavor.

I needed to find the perfect bakery in LA.

And the best part was, it would be free. 

Coco’s was the perfect place for me to start.

The owner of Coco’s, D’Arcy Loughlin, was the first person I met at the airport. 

“Welcome to the world of Coco.

We are the most delicious, sweetest bakery in the world,” he said, introducing me to the other Coco’s staff.

“We’ve been serving up our signature cookie and pie to guests for over a hundred years.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Coco’s.”

 I was so happy to be at Coco’s!

I was blown away.

Coco’s was one of my favorite bakeries, and I had the best pie and cookie!

I had been looking for a place to eat out for a long time.

I wanted to have my own place.

So I headed to the front desk, asked for a table and ordered my order.

As soon as I entered, the staff was so friendly and accommodating.

I made my order and was just about to take it home when I noticed a small black cat standing in the doorway. 

What the f**k!

I looked at the cat and thought, “Oh my gosh.

It’s going to kill me!”

I told my co-workers, “It’s Coco.”

I said, “She loves us, so I’m not going to make it any harder.” 

After I made the order, I walked over to the counter and asked Coco’s to take my order with me.

I ordered the chocolate chip cookie and I asked her if I could add another one. She said, “Sure!

But don’t leave anything out.

I know you are starving and want to get to your favorite place.”

I got a whole box of cookies for free, and that’s when I decided to make the chocolate-chip cookie.

I didn’t know if I would make it as good as Coco’s but I decided it was worth it. 

As soon as the chocolate cookie was placed in my mouth, it was amazing!

The chocolate flavor and the taste were so good.

I took it home and had the chocolate chips with it.

It was my favorite cookie and one of the best cookies I have had in a long while.

I can’t wait to go back to Coco and try the other flavors. 

Thanks Coco’s for giving me the opportunity to have a wonderful experience!


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