When the bakery nouns got a bakery…

When the bakery nouns got a bakery…

The nouvelle-scepter is a small, black metal piece with a small stylized face on the end that’s often used to sign books, documents, or as a title tag in movies.

It’s an odd-looking device that’s been around for a few centuries, but is still very much alive in the modern world.

Here are five nouvellescepters worth a look.


The Nougat Bakery Nougats is the first nougat bakery in the United States.

They are located in the small town of Newburgh, New York.

There are five Nougatos, all in the same location.


Baking at the Golden Gate Bakery There’s no shortage of bakeries in the Golden Bay area, but the Golden Gates has been home to the best.

In the past, the bakery has produced many famous cakes like the Golden Doughnut Cake and the Golden Tenderloin Cake.


The Diner at The Dine-in The Diners is a restaurant that is also a bakery.

It opened in the 1940s, and today serves food like burgers and pizzas.


The Laundry Bar The Launder-A-Bar is a popular hangout in San Francisco’s Marina district, but also serves as a bakery, a bar, and even a bakery for the homeless.


The Painted Barn In the 1950s, the Painted Garden was the first painted barn in the US.

It is still a popular destination for weddings and other events.

What are your favorite nouvle-cepter?

Let us know in the comments.


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