What to do when you’re pregnant with a baby, but don’t want to eat the bakery cakes

What to do when you’re pregnant with a baby, but don’t want to eat the bakery cakes

A mother has a baby with a gastropub-style cake, so she decided to make one herself, and now you can too.

Alyssa Mabrey, a freelance writer and mom of three, made the Cake by Avocado bakery cakes at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Mabry is from New York City, but her family still lives in Brooklyn, New York.

“My daughter’s a baby so I just thought I’d give it a try,” Mabre told EW.

Mebry has two kids.

“It’s really fun to be a parent and make cake, too,” she said.

You can find the recipe here.

Mabry has made her own cakes before.

“The last thing I want to do is make another cake,” she told EW, “but this one was a little more complicated, and I thought it was going to be really fun.”

Mabrey has made many different cake-related cakes over the years, but this was the first time she’s made a whole cake with all the toppings.

She even included a few extras.

“I added a bunch of sprinkles and chocolate chips for extra flavor,” she explained.

You’ll need a 9×13 pan.

“You’ll need to get your cake pans and pans, which is a bit tricky,” she admitted.

“But you can always find them online, because there are a ton of them.”

Mbrey is the co-owner of the bakery, Avocado, and is working on a book about baking with kids.

Mables book, called Cake: The Mother-and-Baby Cookbook, is set for release this fall.

“Every time I make a cake, I always think about how I would make it, how I’d improve it,” Mablies mom said.

“And the cake is one of those things I have so much control over, so I’m excited to see how it turns out.”


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