The best of the internet in a sugar bowl

The best of the internet in a sugar bowl

The best and most entertaining of the best.

That is what is so refreshing about the world of internet memes.

You can see this very much on Reddit.

You will not be disappointed. 

The best part about Reddit is that you can get a bit of a taste for the kind of shit that goes on there.

For example, a Reddit user called jonathan_williams posted a picture of a group of kids playing in a plastic toy bag.

The picture caption read: Kids, what’s in this bag?

A young boy is playing with the bag in a playground.

The bag has a toy sword.

“Oh my god, it’s a sword!

What is in the bag?” the boy asks.

“It’s a miniature sword,” replies the child. 

 That’s what I like about Reddit. 

It’s not just a place for people to share their thoughts and opinions on anything, it is a place where people can come together to form a community. 

That community has grown exponentially in recent years.

There is a growing trend of making fun of everything from the NFL to the Kardashians, and you can’t blame them.

It’s a way for people of all sorts to vent their frustrations. 

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a whole group of people who had a real problem with someone and said ‘I’ll just be like you and ignore everything you say and not do anything,'” Reddit user brian_dixon told ABC News. 

In this case, the group of young boys were not only sharing their own feelings about the sword, they were also sharing the opinions of other users.

As Reddit user jonathann_willis pointed out, this group was actually a lot less violent than the original picture, but they did share their opinions. 

Reddit is a community of people sharing their thoughts, opinions and opinions.

It is not a place to be angry. 

But I have a question for the young boys: Are you OK with that?

“I just want to know how you guys feel about that.

Is it OK for me to feel angry, or do you not think I should be angry?” the young boy asks, as the rest of the Reddit community laughs. 

He answers, “It depends.” 

“Is that okay?” the child asks. 

You might think that if the young children were just making fun at the sword and not sharing their opinions, it would be okay.

But as Reddit user mike_dickerson explained, there is a lot going on.

“In real life, the only thing you are really allowed to do is say the things that you want to say.

In real life you can say anything,” he said. 

While the children in the picture were certainly making fun, the comments in the comments section weren’t just a bunch of jokes about the toy sword, it was actually expressing the anger they felt.

“This is not ok.

I don’t care if you want me to say ‘fuck you’ in your face, you’re not allowed to say it,” the child replies.

“That is not what we are allowed to be.

That’s not what you are allowed.” 

It was at this point that the child realized the difference between the two sides of the argument.

“I just can’t sit here and tell you that the sword is bad and the sword should be treated with more respect,” he told the group.

“Because in this case it is so far down in the box and that’s why you are taking it out of it and putting it in a bag.”

 And while it might be hard for many people to see the difference, it could actually be the difference in your life.

The next day, the boy was banned from the group because of his comments.

“If I was to go on a random day and say, ‘Hey I’m going to be a fucking dick and throw my sword at a wall and then I’ll go back and do it again’ you would not ban me for that, would you?” the teenager said.

I don�t know what the answer is.

But I know that if I were to be the first person to say, `I hate the sword’ you are going to ban me.

And if you say it again, I’m not going to stop saying it.” 

“She is very upset that she got hurt by him. “

A little girl says she was hurt by this kid,” one user wrote.

“She is very upset that she got hurt by him. 

If it was me I would probably be upset, too.

The young boy responded to the group’s outrage, and he didn’t take it too well. 

Some of the comments he made on the Reddit subreddit are as follows: “If it’s really hard to not be angry at someone, it makes you feel worse about yourself


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