Michael Angelos bakery is ‘not gluten free’

Michael Angelos bakery is ‘not gluten free’

Michael Angelenos bakery has been found to be “not gluten-free”, a spokesman has said.

The spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the company had taken “concrete steps to ensure our customers’ safety and well-being”.

They are aware of the recent news of a customer who experienced gastrointestinal distress while using their food.

This was after eating an item of gluten-containing bakery produce, which was gluten free, the spokeswoman said.

This is an issue that is raised in the gluten-sensitivity community and the company is working closely with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and with the Department of Health to ensure it complies with the gluten sensitisation guidelines.

It is not clear how much of a difference the item makes to the food, she said.

A spokesperson for the company said they were aware of all the concerns about the product.

The spokesperson said the food is not gluten-sensitive.

A spokesman for the Department said it was “working closely with all relevant authorities” and was taking the issue “very seriously”.

“The Food Standards Authority (Fsa) has advised that a consumer should not eat this item of bakery produce because it may be contaminated with gluten,” they said.

“It is currently being analysed by a gluten-safe laboratory.”

A spokesman said it “is not safe to eat this product”.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Medical Association (AMA) said it would investigate the matter and would respond if necessary.””

We will be taking this further with our supplier.”

A spokeswoman for the Australian Medical Association (AMA) said it would investigate the matter and would respond if necessary.

“The AMA has been clear that there is no scientific evidence linking gluten to any illness, and that the association does not believe it should be permitted in the health food supply chain,” she said in a statement.


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