‘It’s the first day of my life’: Two-year-old Mia gets her first birthday

‘It’s the first day of my life’: Two-year-old Mia gets her first birthday

Mia, one-year old Mia, is on her first day at her new home.

The little girl’s new life at the Seven Stars Bakery and Restaurant is shaping up to be an exciting one.

“I’ve been up at the bakery, and then my parents come up to see me, and it’s just like a new chapter,” said Mia.

“My first day is all about getting out of here, and just getting ready for the new world,” she added.

Mia’s new home is located on the third floor of the Seven Star Bakery, on the first floor of The 7 Stars Restaurant.

The new owners have taken some time to plan out the new home for Mia.

Mai is still a little nervous about opening her new bakery, but it is looking good so far.

“She’s really excited about it,” said Kristin.

“It’s a new home, new beginnings for her, and that’s what we’re all looking forward to, is that her life starts again, and her family can have a better life,” said Kris.

Kristin and Kris say the new bakery will be the beginning of a new life for Mia and her sister.

“They really did everything right, so I think that’s great for her,” said Michelle.

“That’s a lot of work for a one-month old, so it’s nice to know that it’s going to be really hard work,” said Cindy.

“The whole experience, the bakery and the rest of it is really exciting,” said Kai.

“There’s definitely a lot more going on than just baking,” said Kylie.

The bakery is scheduled to open its doors on October 14.

For more information, call the Seven stars Bakery at 877-871-6287 or visit www.thesevenstars.com


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