How to make a delicious peanut butter cup

How to make a delicious peanut butter cup

Lees Bakery is one of the most popular bakeries in the city.

 Every week, I find myself in Lees bakery and wonder how I could make one that I enjoy.

 One of the reasons is because the breads are made from scratch.

In fact, you will find all the ingredients you need to make your own bread in a bag or tin.

Lees Bakeries bread is made of whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour.

I always ask the baker to tell me what he makes and how he does it.

They usually give me the recipe for the pastry flour and the whole wheat, which is the first ingredient, and they give me a detailed description of the process.

I can also ask for a detailed recipe for each item in the bread, which they will usually have on hand.

You can make a peanut butter, coconut and jelly cup at Lees if you have a microwave oven.

For a few bucks, I get one of each item, and it is always amazing.

If you are in the market for a bakery, Lees is a must-try.

The breads they make are made to order, so if you don’t have a cart you can just go in and get the ingredients.

This article was originally published on September 30, 2018.


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