The Hill’s new bakery: “If I had to choose between one of them, I’d go with Dana’s”

The Hill’s new bakery: “If I had to choose between one of them, I’d go with Dana’s”

I think it would be easy to say, “Dana’s is a bakery, and if I had a choice between one or the other, I would choose Dana’s.”

But if you ask a baker, they will tell you that they do a better job than anyone else in terms of the products they offer.

Dana’s has a much broader selection, with more styles of baked goods, including breads and cakes, cupcakes, pies, and pastries.

If you’re a fan of a particular style, you can try it at their bakery and have a taste of what’s in store for you.

Dana Foods, a family owned and operated business that has been in the area since 1974, opened its doors in 2017 and is located at 2325 S. Lakewood Drive in the heart of the Downtown Atlanta Beltline.

It’s a family run business, and it’s a little different than most other bakeries in that it takes the business as a whole and runs it through the family, rather than being a big corporate entity.

The business was founded in the mid-1970s by Joseph’s Bakery founder, Charles Dana.

The family owned business started out with a focus on breads, which they would make at home.

But when Dana and his wife, Dana Ann, opened their first bakery in 1996, they started to think about expanding.

They started to make their own breads to sell, and they got the idea that there might be a market for homemade baking.

And then, as the business grew, they had the opportunity to grow into what they call “D.A.P.” or “delicious bakery.”

In 1997, they moved to a larger space and decided to focus on making traditional bakery products.

They opened a bakery that focused on cookies and cakes.

Then, they opened a store in 1998 that became their flagship store.

The bakery has a very distinct style, and I think that people will find it very attractive, but it’s also very unique in that there are no cookie doughs on display.

That’s the one area where you will find a lot of unique offerings.

Dana products range from chocolate, to ice cream, to candies, to cakes, to pastries, and other types of desserts.

The shop also offers a range of baked items for sale, including cookies, cookies and chocolate, and cookies and pasties.

I really love that they make a wide variety of baked foods and they have a huge selection of products for sale.

The cakes, which are the specialty, are very special because they’re handmade by the family.

They’ve worked with the family on the design, the colors, and the decor.

The baked goods are always fresh, so you can tell that they have been made by a family.

The menu is a very wide variety and is full of different kinds of items.

Dana has a lot more specialty baked goods that they also offer as well.

You can choose from all sorts of items, including a lot on the specialty side.

You will also find some items from the bakery.

I love that you can have a little more variety in your basket than if you’re in the store.

Dana is located right in the center of the Beltline and is a convenient location to go and pick up the groceries.

It has the right amount of seating to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood, which is why I love it.

It also has a great food court that’s a bit of a draw for the community.

The only thing I’m not really sure about is if the store is open on weekends or not, but they do have a Sunday lunch service, so if you want to go out and enjoy the weekend, that’s your choice.

Dana also sells a variety of other baked goods.

They have some unique products, like cookies and a bakery pie.

It features a vanilla flavor and a dark chocolate flavor, and a chocolate cake.

I think the vanilla flavor is a bit more intense than the chocolate cake, and that’s where the cake comes in.

I’m a fan that they put a lot into the baked goods because they make them all fresh, and there’s a lot to choose from.

Dana Bakery and Pastries offers a wide selection of baked and prepared items, and you can pick from a number of different types of products.

I don’t have a favorite product, but I really enjoy the variety of products that they offer, so I am very happy that I can shop there.

If there’s something I want to try, I can just ask them for it.

They’ll be happy to give me a tour of the store and let me try a couple items for myself.

Dana foods has a nice selection of different baked goods to choose, and Dana has put a great deal of thought into how they make their products, and everything is made


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