Magnolia bakery fined $4,500 for selling dog biscuits

Magnolia bakery fined $4,500 for selling dog biscuits

A dog biscuit shop in New York City is being fined $2,500 after a customer complained about the dog biscuits it sells.

The owner of Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan posted a statement on Facebook in December stating she would no longer sell dog biscuits because of the incident.

She also asked the owner of the dog biscuery in Brooklyn to stop selling dog biscuits in the city.

The complaint was lodged by a customer who said he ordered a dog biscut at Magnolia on March 6 and that the customer received it in the mail a few days later.

The customer said the dog was unharmed and that he never heard the dog bark.

The letter was sent to Magnolia’s owner and the owner’s attorney.

According to a report by The New York Post, the owners attorney said that Magnolia will not pay the fine.

The dog biscuity shop owner said that she would not accept a penalty and that she was just doing what was necessary to protect her business.

The owners attorney also claimed that Magnoli’s dog biscuts were sold in other cities and that customers in New Yorkers boroughs had complained about them.

However, a representative of Magnoli confirmed that customers who complained about dog biscuits in other markets have been referred to Magnoli.

[ID:nL2N0H0K8]The owners attorney told the Post that Magnolias customers have told her that the dog sausage was made from ground beef and that it was “probably” made in the United States.

However he added that “we do not know what [the dog biscuten is] made from.”

A spokesperson for Magnolia also told the paper that the owner has been suspended from the business for two months and is no longer licensed to sell dog biscums in the state.

The spokesperson said the owner is not allowed to sell the dog in the states that have laws against selling dog meat in restaurants.

In the meantime, Magnolia is planning to appeal the decision to the New York Department of Consumer Affairs, the Post reported.

Magnolia owners lawyer said that the decision was made based on “inappropriate and unfounded claims,” including that the bakery is a dog food store.


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