Jerusalem bakery sells pork, eggs, wine, and cheese

Jerusalem bakery sells pork, eggs, wine, and cheese

The Jerusalem bakery of the same name sells its wares in shops around the city, with prices ranging from €6 to €10 per loaf.

The Jerusalem Barbecue Company, founded by Efraim Zuroff in 2014, sells pork ribs, bacon, sausage, and beef brisket.

The company specializes in lamb chops, pork and lamb sausages, pork chops, and pork chops with an olive oil sauce, as well as beef and lamb brisket, which are sold in the same stores as its other meats.

Zurof has also been selling lamb chops and lamb sausage for over a year in his home city of Jerusalem.

It is an impressive feat of craftsmanship, as Zuros is known for his meticulous workmanship.

He is known to have a passion for his work, and in his new endeavor, Zurofs pork ribs and lamb pork sausage were also designed to have their own unique flavors.

“The lamb chops have a really unique flavor and the lamb sausage has an earthy flavor, which is the most important,” Zuro’s son Yair told The Jerusalem Times.

“It is a very interesting way to prepare meat.”

Zuro is currently looking to expand his family business.

“I am looking for a partner and I have a good team to help me expand, which I am very interested in,” he said.

The Zurods are currently selling their meat to restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, as they continue to expand their operation in Israel.

They plan to open up their retail shop in the near future.

Jerusalem’s Barbecue is a joint venture between Zuroffer, who owns the business, and his family.

Ziroff, who has a master’s degree in international development, is a proud member of the Israeli Labor Party, and is also a former chairman of the Jerusalem Economic Development Authority.

The Barbecue has been a success so far, and the company is now looking to launch more locations.

“We are expanding rapidly,” Zirof said.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we will succeed in our business and we will sell out in a few months.”

Jerusalem Barbecues are also offering customers free samples of their meats.

The prices of the products range from around €6 for pork ribs to €15 for lamb pork sausage.

“For our customers, we are offering them a free sample of their pork, sausage and beef,” said Zuro.

“At the moment, we have one of the largest pork rinds in the world, but we want to grow and have a great product for customers.”

The Zirofs plan to start selling their products in supermarkets, as soon as they can secure a larger space in the area.

“Every time we open a store, we want the customers to come to the restaurant and we want them to enjoy their food and drink their wine,” said Yair.

“So we want customers to enjoy a good meal here and the restaurant to sell great food.”


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