How to make a classic apple pie at the old oakmont Bakery

How to make a classic apple pie at the old oakmont Bakery

Oakmont Bakary, which has operated for more than a century in Oakmont, will close its doors after nearly a century.

The bakery closed its doors in September with plans to reopen in the spring.

But owner Scott Hensley says the closure is not a reflection of the business’s long history.

The Oakmont bakery will reopen next year in an entirely different location.

We have a new location and it will be a family-owned operation.

We’re going to be very different, which is why we decided to make this a temporary closure.

Hensly said.

The company has been in the business for more or less the same time, he said.

But he said it was always the case that a lot of the decisions were made before a lot was even built.

The restaurant will remain open, but will be open for a special event on Saturday.

There will also be an online reservation service.


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